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Life as a Single Parent and College Student

Playing with fire......

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Playing with fire......

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Obviously I am not proud of this....I feel the attraction and I don't want to assume but there have been certain words exchanged. What the hell am I thinking?!

Men and women alike will always look. It is harmless. I always found him to be likeable and even attractive. It was no big deal because I would only see him in passing during work hours. We dont work together, but usually we do see each other in a group for a few minutes. Then low and behold.....we move into our new house, and now he is the neighbor right next door. Both families have had get togethers at both houses.

I woke from a dead sleep last night, and desired to be with him. Maybe just for one good fuck? It would destroy both our families.  What the fuck am I thinking?

I haven't lost love or desire for my husband, but what does it say about me?

Then I don't know why but I mentioned to him in passing that I had a half day at work today. His response..."Are you going to be home?" He gets off mid-afternoon. I said, "Oh probably not since I had errands to run."

"Errands huh?"

I know better, and I want my marriage to last with Dan. Shaking my head!

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